#Imaginetheview : sunrises

There is this wonderful thing about sunrises. Everybody loves to see a particular nice one. The thing is: it takes some effort! Or you have to rise early for it, or you need to keep up through the night. Sometimes the sight of a beautiful sunrise comes as a pleasant surprise, sometimes you go and plan it beforehand.  It has something magical and wonderfully peaceful about it. Let me share some of the best sunrises I experienced with you.

My very first sunrise was about 25 years ago, not that I recall, but I was there, born in 1991 in Belgium. I was brought into this world to do .. well .. mostly studying actually up to now. After all the normal school time I decided to push it a little further, as I went through medical school.

Luckily I had the chance to spend some time outside my education, and I used it for traveling the world. On those travels I saw some exceptional sunrises. Let me share some of those:


In 2011 I went to China, alone. Oh well, “alone”, I went with an organization that brings people together who want to travel. So I went with a group of people I never met before. Our group leader was very fond of walking, especially early in the morning. So I got to see my fair share of Chinese sunrises. One of them was in the rice fields. We woke up in the middle of the night to climb the first big hill before sunrise on an empty stomach. Finally on the top, luckily in time, we had the pleasure to be met by … you’ll never guess. A bus of Chinese tourists. Apparently there was a road and a bus… how marvellous. We walked some more (that was always the answer) to another view-point and saw a truly magnificent sunrise on the rice fields of China. Afterwards we went back down, through the little wooden village where some old Chinese man was plucking his duck of the day, to eat some breakfast after that early exercise, some noodles…


In 2012 I traveled to another big Asian country, I went backpacking through the north of India. We did a camel trip trough the desert of Rajasthan. After a whole day on a camel, we were broken. Especially our buts. We rolled off our camels and ate a rather unappealing indian meal and settled down for the night. We had the idea of ‘sleeping under the stars in the desert’, so we just made ourselves cosy in the sand. We were in conversation lying down, then it suddenly turned  pitch black. We feel 1 drop, a second drop, and then – in a split second – a HUGE monsoon came pouring down on us! We quickly tried to gather our stuff and run off to the ‘tents’ (read, a plastic sail where 3 people fit under) and crammed in there with 8 per tent. We huddled together through the night. While all sorts of animals tried to take cover as well in our little tents. A huge white spider (imagine that in a closed of tent with 7 females and 1 male, screams … panic .. the works) and around us some camels walking around: in short, not the best night. When we were ‘woken up’ by the light, we saw this beautiful view of a sunrise over the sandy dunes and a nice piece of pineapple awaited us to feast on as breakfast. That made us forget for a moment that our broken butts needed to sit another 12 hours on our bumpy camel friends.


In 2013 I travelled to Mexico. After a lot of cultural exploring we went to a nature reserve in Tulum where we spend the night in our hammocks in the house of a biologist. We fished our own food, snorkeled in the bay and sat by a cozy fire pit at night, we slept in the hut (filled with cockroaches) in our hammocks and woke up to a true paradise beach.


In 2016 I travelled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, famous for adventurous traveling, lots of fauna and flora and for its volcanos. We did a hiking trip from 2 days where we climbed 2 volcanos. The first volcano was called after it’s colour: el sierra negra. It is one of the places in the world where you can ‘volcano board’ off the sides. We carried our board (wooden pallet) up the volcano, and then boarded down the sides of the black ashy volcano! After some lunch down the second volcano we started climbing that one with our gear to spend the night up there. It was a heavy hike, but we were rewarded by a magnificent view over Nicaragua. We camped up at the side of the El Huyo volcano and played hide and seek in the dark. We sang by the campfire and ate our mini-dinners. We didn’t get to sleep much since the wind really pulled on our tents a lot at night and it turned ice-cold. The view when we woke up was very impressive and absolutely worth it! The next day we went to wash off in the volcano lake and continued our journey down.

With this little story time I introduced you guys a bit to me, my life and my blog ‘ImagineJulie’. This blog post is sort to speak the ‘sunrise’ of my blog. I hope you enjoyed!

Have a nice day,

Julie! x


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