Thoughts on UK buys #ImagineTheReview


When I went to the UK for celebrating New Years, I had to buy some skin care to try out. Did I need it ? No, I have creme’s and makeuppies for a lifetime, but i’m a curious person and a make up enthusiast, so I was very excited to try some ‘foreign’ stuff!


I bought some Zoella products, as any youtube lover would. It happened to be the sales period, so that was a nice surprise. I bought 2 lip balms, bath fizzers and a hand cream.

File_004 (2)

The lip balms are vanilla and gingerbread scented. The packaging are cute little heart-shaped tins. Beautiful! The products itself is a rather basic vaseline based lip balm. The scent is subtle but nice and does not leave a flavor. Nice ones to  carry in your bag.

The bath fizzers were kind of disappointing, they leave little to no scent and give the water a dirty looking dishes-vibe… Fail on that one!

The hand cream has a VERY overpowering smell. It’s kicked me right in the face when i first applied a decent amount of creme to my hands. It’s so overpowering that you can only use very little of the cream if you don’t want to be bothered by gingerbread hands for hours. Yes! Hours!  

I wanted to try some Neutrogena stuff, I bought a face wash based on salicylic acid and an in-shower facemask, I’m a sucker for stuff like that. Off course i could use any product under the shower. oh well.


The in-shower face mask has a good treat-yo-self level. It has a few scrubbing crumbs but in my opinion not enough to give me a good face scrub. It does work well as a face wash! I love using  this kind of product in my shower so that when i come out of the water i just slather on some face cream and I’m good to go.

File_002 (1)

I also bought a heavy-duty face wash with salicylic acid and this is strong stuff! I feel it’s drying on the skin but since salicylic acid works as a chemical scrub it does the job very well! This is good when my skin feels patchy or I have some breakouts, not for everyday use. It has a hygienic packaging with a pump. Nice!


I love dry shampoo and use it almost every day, I particularly like the Baptiste brand, it de-greases my hair all day and smells nice. In London I saw this version, I know there was a brunette version but I never knew there was a blonde version! I bought it and tried it on my hand. That was terrifying because it gives a strong yellow colour … In my hair it works really well though! If i could find it in Belgium i would certainly re-buy this!  

I bought some more of the Simple brand, I tried an illuminating day creme which has a weird glitter in it …shame because I want my face illuminated, not glittered. Same with the BB cream, it is very orange tinted but I could make it work by using a very small amount of product but it has some kind of glitter? Why?

I also bought a cleansing face mask and a day cream, nothing special, good for the price but nothing to rave about. The mask is like a face wash for consistency, it doesn’t dry out the skin at all. So that’s a like! 

All in all I was very happy i got to try these products out!

Did you try any of these brands? Do you have any recommendations? Tell me!

Have a nice day!



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