MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Mehr #ImagineTheReview

For Christmas I got a gift card for MAC for 25 euro’s. When I got to the store I quickly decided a lipstick was going home with me. I tried some out and decided I liked these two a lot: Velvet Teddy and Mehr. I planned on buying Velvet Teddy now and waiting to buy Mehr some other time. Nevertheless when I got to the cashier, the woman told me I couldn’t get another gift card for the remaining 6 euro’s… Seriously? I’m not throwing 6 euro’s away! I decided that I would jus buy the other lipstick too and add the remaining 9 euro’s. Bad customer service in my opinion … Oh well. Now I’m the happy owner of 2 new MAC lipsticks! And I LOVE them!!

I already owned MAC Faux and MAC Viva Glam from the Rihanna collection. Seems like I prefer the matte range?

Velvet Teddy is this gorgeous nude color, it feels very chique because it’s matte and has a slight orangey/brown vibe to it. It seems to match any time of year and any occasion.

Mehr is a slightly darker color that’s more on the pink side. I would describe it as bordeaux.

As I looked trough swatches on the internet I feel like they look very different on people. I suggest you try them on in the MAC store before buying, you can always ask the staff to clean the lipsticks for you with alcohol.

Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day!



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