Finish 6 by summer! #ImagineJulie

I have some guilty pleasures, as does everyone. One of them is watching people on youtube or on blogs use up their products. I enjoy watching empty product reviews and project pan’s. It means you focus om some products for a set amount of time to try to finish them up/enjoy them to the fullest. It inspires me to shop my stash and really use the stuff I have. I chose 6 make up products that I want to move out of my collection, by using them up!


For make up products I chose products that I love and have made good progress in already.

The Bourjois Twist up the volume mascara is my absolute favourite mascara, I bought it several times before already. Yet now it’s almost gone and I have some other mascara’s in my drawer that are waiting to be used. I don’t think its very hygienic to have multiple mascara’s open at the same time so I want to finish this one completely up before I open a new one!

I use the Shiseido SPF 15 Advanced Hydro-Liquid Compact Refill, Natural Light Ivory as a concealer. I already hit major pan and I want to finish it up completely now.

I got the sample size of the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion when I bought one of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but since I don’t really use eyeshadow primer it’s going to waste. I now want to make a habit out of using this one. If wonder if I’m going to notice a big difference with my eyeshadows staying power!

I have the The Dior Radiant Base for a few years now, I use it as a subtle highlight or as a base for another highlight.  It want to use it up because the products is pretty old by now but I like it very much!

I use the Catrice All Matt Plus Transparent Shine Control Powder for a few months only, it’s going pretty quickly but if I would move to another powder now I won’t go back to this so this must be used up before I take a new one! I used to be very enthusiastic about the mattifying power of this one but I reconsidered since. It’s not the best in keeping my face from becoming shiny throughout the day. I’m not sad to see this go. It’s pretty satisfying to see pan off a powder product!

And lastly I want to use up this sample size of the Posie Tint by Benefit. I got it in one of their sets and it’s the last product I have from it. I like it and I wouldn’t want it to dry out. I could use it as a blush or as a blush base.


I get back to you in a few weeks on the progress!


Do any of you guys like finishing products?


Thanks for reading,

Have a nice day!
Julie x


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