Lush life: #ImagineTheReview

Lush is a brands that I love and always come back too. I discovered it over 10 years ago because I was a skin care enthusiast with a very sensitive skin. In my struggle to find nice products I came across the Lush brand with fresh handmade cosmetics. And the love still goes strong. I used so many products already and have some definite favourites among them. Yet I still love trying out new stuff.

I love taking baths and their bath products are to die for, but they are rather expensive. If you go for example for a bath bomb, those are gone after one use. Because of that I tend to gravitate more towards the bubble bars, you can split them over multiple uses. I bought the ‘Blue skies and fluffy white clouds’. It’s nice and big so I can at least use it 4 times. It makes the water a nice shade of sky blue with a lot of white foam. The patchouli oil is a very calming scent for some relaxing me-time.

Now and then I am tempted to buy a lush soap but I find it hard to finish them up because they leave my skin squeaky clean and feeling quite dry. I did finish up Honey I Washed The Kids once, a cult favourite smelling like – you’ll never guess – Honey.

When I was giving the soaps a sniff last time I was in the Lush store, I came across the ‘Maypole’ soap, a round soap with a very nice scent of peppermint and maple syrup. Disadvantage is that the middle part seems pretty loose and I fear as the soap will get thinner it will tend to fall out. I now use the Maypole soap as a hand soap on the sink.

File_003 (3)

Do you like lush products? If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day,

Julie x


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