I forsee: yellow! #ImagineJulie

I don’t think I’m a very trendy person, yet here I am talking about one. Maybe I’m bringing fake news ūüėČ , oh well. I know one thing: I ignored the colour yellow for years now. Has it even ever been in my life? I don’t think so. But lately … I’m seeing it everywhere, and I like it!

I never tought I’d¬†like this, but look at these yellow accents in interior design. It’s a happy, fresh and very out-there colour. And above most: it’s gorgeous!

Bestand_001 (1)

I love this for a kitchen or your eating area, gives so much energy to the room!

Bestand_003 (1)

Bestand_002 (1)

Little accents of yellow are enough to make an ordinary item seem special!

Bestand_004 (1)

Bestand_006 (1)

Bestand_000 (2)

Even stuff you want to blend into the background become an asset to your room!


Speck of yellow as surprise inside of a cabinet!

Also for clothing it’s a cheerful extra¬†to your outfit. Even a rainy day becomes a lot more exciting!

Bestand_008 (1)




Or as a little touch in your make-up.



Where does this interest in yellow suddenly come from?¬†Off course it’s a great colour to jump into spring! But maybe it has something to do with the whole Beauty and the Beast rage?


Whatever it might be, I’m in!

Bestand_007 (1)

By the way: I found all these gorgous images on pinterest! Here: https://www.pinterest.com/julielovespin/yellow/

What do you think? Is it a hit?

Thanks for reading!


Have a nice day,


Julie x


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