New In: Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced #ImagineTheReview

A few years ago I bought a limited edition palette of Too Faced when I came across the brand in Paris. Finally I could try something from this brand that I read about so much on the internet. This palette soon became one of my absolute favourites and my standard for quality eyeshadows was set.

When the Sweet Peach palette came out I knew it was going to be right up my alley, but living in a country where I could not get my hands on it, i just didn’t give it much thought. Until recently! My boyfriend had to go abroad to a country where they actually sell it and I kindly asked him to get it for me there! And boy, what a WINNER this palette is!

File_000 (3)

The eyeshadows come in a pretty tin with a mirror and some inspiration for eye look inside. As soon as you open the palette you smell it: it smells like peaches! Take a look at these swatches, I made them with just one swipe!

File_001 (3)

White Peach, a matte white : beautiful as an inner corner highlight or below the brow bone

Luscious, a shimmery light gold, what a wonderful colour pay off!

Just Peachy, a duochrome pink with gold flecks

Bless Her Heart, a shimmery green, this is a more sheer but buildable colour

Tempting, a matte black with an occasional glitter

Charmed, I’m Sure, a darker matte brown

File_002 (4)

Nectar, a shimmery warm yellow gold, it gives a beautiful sheen to the eyes

Cobbler, a shimmery warm copper

Candied Peach, a peachy pink with pink glitter. The glitter falls off easily so tap your brush before using on your eyes so you don’t have an excess fall-out glitterparty under your eyes.

Bellini, a duochrome coral-rose golden eyeshadow, beautiful!

Peach Pit, a shimmery, dark aubergine colour

Delectable, a matte, dark purple

File_003 (2)

Peaches ‘n Cream, a warm nude matte, perfect as a base colour

Georgia, a soft matte pink, doesn’t show much on the picture but is very pretty irl

Caramelized, a shimmery, bronzy colour

Puree, a matte, warm brown colour

Summer Yum, a very special matte, rusty-brown

Talk Derby To Me – dark blue with a white shimmer

My favourites are Nectar, Bellini, Peaches ‘n Cream, Peach pit, Puree and Summer Yum!

This palette is good for every season! It inspires me to make different look every day. You can go for a natural look, but just as easy make a bold look with this color selection. You have shimmers and matte. It’s just beautiful, I can totally recommend this one if you look for a variety of warmer colours.

Do you have an eyeshadow palette that you can recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day,


Julie x


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