Making your make up stash Spring proof! #ImagineJulie

When the weather changes from cold and rainy to the first warm days of spring, it has an effect on everyone! We all start to get excited for spring and want to prepare in our own way.


Some get to spring cleaning, some dive into the garden. We start taking walks and start running outside. Some take it the easy way (me) and go sit on a nice terras to enjoy the first warm sunshine!

I get out my more spring-oriented wardrobe: the dresses, the brighter colours, the blouses. I wear sneakers or ballerina shoes.


I now switched some of my everyday make up and skin care products for more springy-summery options.


For a scent I gravite┬ámore towards tropical scents. For warmer days I go for a body splash instead of perfume and this coconut-vanilla scented one from Victoria’s Secret is perfect!

I have very white legs, all the colour is drained from them because they have been in trousers for too long. When the suns comes out I use this Yves Rocher Mono├» de Tahiti oil on them with some glimmer in it for a nice glow. The scent is amazing and I’m totally conditioned by it that it’s a true summer smell for me now.

I tend to love corals and bright colours in spring and summer. I like to have a nice glow and a hint of colour. The benefit Posie Tint and the Sephora blush take care of the colour part. The Mary Lou-manizer highlighter from The Balm gives me a beautiful strong highlight.

For eyes I differ, there are eye shadow days, where I use some coral-peachy shades to brighten the eye. Some days I prefer the accent of an eyeliner in a nice colour.

For lips I’m a nude lover, but with these peachy glosses from Dior or this Chubby stick by Clinique my look is complete.


Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day!

Julie x


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