Calligraphy and Handlettering #ImagineJulie

I always enjoyed nice writing, as a teenager i tried calligraphy and it became quite a hobby. With the studies and everything that kind of got out of sight. I want to restart handlettering and I want to take you guys on the journey!

I never had much tools for this, I just used whatever paper I found and used whatever pen/pencil within reach. Off course there are specialist tools and pens but that is not ever necessary to have fun and start drawing.

For inspiration I tried the tag #handlettering and #calligraphy on instagram and I was not disappointed. I found beautiful pieces, also with gifs that show you how they work. Do check out Nikolietta_calligraphy, _jwlettering, lhcalligraphy, slettering!

I just started out with just a black ballpoint pen and some coloured paper. Here are some of my own handlettering drawings:

hello handlettering imaginejulie

File_001 (4)

For my birthday in march I got a calligraphy set from my boyfriend that I immediately tried out:


Do you have an artistic hobby or aspire to have one? Please leave a comment below so I can check your art out and follow you journey along! What gives you inspiration?


Thanks for reading,


Have a nice day,


Julie x




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