7 make-up looks to try #ImagineJulie

I love playing with make up and finding new ways to use the products I own. Browsing on Pinterest I came across these make-up looks that got me inspired! Let me show you.


This white eyeliner gives the usual liner look a unique twist!
See how I recreated this look here!


2 colours I would have never paired from my own, pink/red and turquoise/blue.
(make up look by @ellamaried_makeup)
See how I recreated this look here.


The two dots look intriguing! For updating an everyday look maybe?
(make up look by katiejanehughes)
Check out my version of this look here!


These cool toned blue/purple/pink highlights are all the rave right now. I almost never wear cooltoned makeup but this looks so stunning!
(make up look by lindahallbergs)


I know, I’m late in this one, the popsicle mouth, where the colour is most intense on the inside. Seems like a look that’s easy to maintain throughout the day?


Coloured mascara was more of a trend a few years ago, since I had a thing for purple mascara in the summer.


New trend: blush ‘draping’. It’s something that was hip and happening in the seventies and it’s making its comeback now. worth to try!


Are you guys curious how it looked on me? Keep posted then since I’m uploading the results throughout the next few days!


Thanks for reading,

Have a nice day.

Julie X


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