Cool toned blue highlighter #ImagineJulie

Lately there is much to do about cool toned highlighters. Some staple brands like Anastasia BH, Jeffree Star and Kat Von D came out with all different kinds of blue, lavender and pink highlights and since then I see that look all over the internet. It also comes  with the whole rainbow/unicorn madness going on right now.


An example by Lindahallbergs

My own skin is very yellow toned which means I warmtoned colours tend to go best with my skintone. I didn’t have high hopes for a harsh blue highlighter on my face. I had a blue toned eyeshadow in the Glinda palette from Urban Decay, and I gave it a go.

Bestand_003 (1)

Paired with the right eyelook it might give a little something. I do love the look on others. I continue to experiment with it!

What do you guys think of the whole rainbow and unicorn themed make up looks these days? Are you tempted to try?

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day,

Julie x


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