7 make-up looks to try #ImagineJulie

I love playing with make up and finding new ways to use the products I own. Browsing on Pinterest I came across these make-up looks that got me inspired! Let me show you.

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What else is new: Essence Spring 2017 #ImagineTheReview

As much as I love drooling over expensive high-end make up products, I love affordable good brands like Essence and Catrice. They change their collection often, the products mostly do a very good job and it doesn’t break the bank. In my latest trips to the drugstore I bought a few new products to try out. Let’s talk them over.


There was a bloggers pick’s edition recently, and since the writer of one of my favourite blogs beautylab.nl had her own palette made, I had to try it!


The essence So Glow cream to powder highlight is not the best highlighter I’ve come across. It gives a nice glow but it doesn’t stay put for a whole day.  I like it more for a body highlight, on the shoulders for example.


The colour correcting concealer gives some brightness to the area where you apply it but doesn’t conceal at all, might be good as an extra step under your normal concealer for days where you have time to spare.


From the Winter glow LE I bought the illuminating eyeshadow base. This product gives a wonderful glow and I use it as a highlight/highlight base and as an eyeshadow all the same.

Bestand_002 (1)

I was very excited for this rainbow highlight! I saw the whole rage on the internet for the rainbow/unicorn highlights and was pleasantly surprised when a cheap brand as essence came out with one! I actually really like the look of it, it gives a nice multicoloured glow. I would totally use this on the regular – I wouldn’t put my brush in the blue tho-. These colours could be swirled together or used separately with the red coloured ones more as a highlighting blush. I love it!

Over the last months I picked up 2 essence lip colours. This velvet stick is a very creamy balmy purple to taupe colour. I need to find a way to sharpen it now the first point is gone! The lipstick is a long-lasting nude in the colour Come Naturally. These colours are more on the purple side, kind of reminds me of Faux by MAC.

As you see I tried my best but I didn’t break the bank while going at it. What do you think about the Essence brand?

Stay tuned for a Catrice edition!

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MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Mehr #ImagineTheReview

For Christmas I got a gift card for MAC for 25 euro’s. When I got to the store I quickly decided a lipstick was going home with me. I tried some out and decided I liked these two a lot: Velvet Teddy and Mehr. I planned on buying Velvet Teddy now and waiting to buy Mehr some other time. Nevertheless when I got to the cashier, the woman told me I couldn’t get another gift card for the remaining 6 euro’s… Seriously? I’m not throwing 6 euro’s away! I decided that I would jus buy the other lipstick too and add the remaining 9 euro’s. Bad customer service in my opinion … Oh well. Now I’m the happy owner of 2 new MAC lipsticks! And I LOVE them!! Continue reading