Popsickle stained lip #ImagineJulie

When the trend first showed up some time ago I never really tried it out, but now that I rediscovered it on pinterest I am tempted to try it for myself.


I love a bright lip on others, but on myself I rarely go all out on in anymore. It’s just so much maintenance! but this seems easy enough. I could touch it up on the go, since you don’t need a mirror for the outer edges. Especially on summer days with a bright lip. This is how it came out:


It’s very wearable and it’s no effort at all!

Maybe if you have some wear on your lipstick but don’t have a mirror to reapply it’s a different take on your first lip look.

Have a nice day!

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Cool toned blue highlighter #ImagineJulie

Lately there is much to do about cool toned highlighters. Some staple brands like Anastasia BH, Jeffree Star and Kat Von D came out with all different kinds of blue, lavender and pink highlights and since then I see that look all over the internet. It also comes  with the whole rainbow/unicorn madness going on right now.


An example by Lindahallbergs

My own skin is very yellow toned which means I warmtoned colours tend to go best with my skintone. I didn’t have high hopes for a harsh blue highlighter on my face. I had a blue toned eyeshadow in the Glinda palette from Urban Decay, and I gave it a go.

Bestand_003 (1)

Paired with the right eyelook it might give a little something. I do love the look on others. I continue to experiment with it!

What do you guys think of the whole rainbow and unicorn themed make up looks these days? Are you tempted to try?

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Red and turqoise eyeshadow make up look #ImagineJulie

For today, I was inspired by this look I found on pinterest by @ellamaried_makeup. I made a more everyday version of it.


I used a turquoise eyeliner in the inner corner of my eye and some copper/red eyeshadow from the Sleek Sunset palette.

Bestand_007 (1)


Bestand_008 (1)

Have a happy Easter everybody!

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