Purple mascara #ImagineJulie

When the coloured eyeliner became a hit a few years ago I bought a purple mascara from Bourjois. I liked that look very much! It was subtle yet daring! I came across this picture of Cara Delevingne and was inspired to rebuy a coloured mascara!


Yes! I like it! It’s subtle but fun, especially in Spring and Summer time!


For extra colour you could add an eyeliner!

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Julie x


Making your make up stash Spring proof! #ImagineJulie

When the weather changes from cold and rainy to the first warm days of spring, it has an effect on everyone! We all start to get excited for spring and want to prepare in our own way.


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I forsee: yellow! #ImagineJulie

I don’t think I’m a very trendy person, yet here I am talking about one. Maybe I’m bringing fake news 😉 , oh well. I know one thing: I ignored the colour yellow for years now. Has it even ever been in my life? I don’t think so. But lately … I’m seeing it everywhere, and I like it!

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